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  TFT LCD Controller
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  Serial/Uart Port TFT Controller
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  Low Power Capacitive Touch Key Controller
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  Capacitive Touch Screen Controller (60ch)
  ● LT2305

General Description:

LT2305 is a 60 channels analog front end capacitor multi-touch screen control chip. It adopts LeveTop Semiconductor 's patented touch sensing technology -TPWS( Touch prediction and window sampling) ,which has 4 parallel capacitors to digital converters, allowing SPI interface to conduct capacitance measurement on 500KHz operation. The chip adopts programmable sensing architecture and extensible serial bus interface. Through SPI serial interface, the internal registers of LT2305 are set by MCU, and then the senses are driving channels of touch sensing system can be extended through parallel connection of multiple chips.

Besides multi-touch function, LT2305 can also cooperate with LT768x TFT graphics acceleration chip to work as single touch to simplify TFT module design. At the same time, it has a wide working voltage range of 2.8v ~ 5.5v, which enables it normally work in temperature range of -40℃~85℃. It is suitable for capacitive touch screen applications with high speed, low cost and low power consumption.


•  Provide 60 Programmable Touch Screen Interfaces
•  Patented TPWS (Touch Prediction and Window Sampling) Technology
•  4 built-in Shunt Capacitance Digital Converters
•  Programmable Sensing Architecture and Extensive Serial Bus Interface
•  Suppress RF, LCD and Switching Power Noise Effectively
•  Programmable electrode sensing and driving sequence
•  Extremely Low Power Consumption in Active Mode and Standby Mode
•  High Tolerance of Line Resistance
•  Operation Voltage: 2.8V~5.5V
Internal Block Diagram: Application:

Product Information Archive:

•  LT2305_DM     

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