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  TFT LCD Controller
  ● LT7680
  ● LT7681/3/6
  ● LT7381
  Serial/Uart Port TFT Controller
  ● LT268x
  ● LT7688
  ● LT7689
  ● Serial TFT Panel Solution
  32Bit MCU
  ● LT32A01
  ● LT32U02/32A02
  BLE 4.0 + 32Bit MCU
  ● LT5926
  ● LT5928
  Low Power Capacitive Touch Key Controller
  ● LT6101
  Capacitive Touch Screen Controller (60ch)
  ● LT2305

General Description:

LT32A01 is a 32bits MCU with high efficiency and low cost. It internally contains a high-performance 32bits RISC core, having a maximum operating frequency of 48 MHz. In addition, the chip owns high speed embedded memory, including 32KB Flash、4KB SRAM. Various standard communication interfaces are provided,including a SPI, an I2C, two SCI, 8 channels high resolution PWM, an 8 channels 12 bits ADC, an extensive enhanced peripheral and various GPIO interfaces.

LT32A01 has excellent multiplication ability,suitable for various home appliances, electronic toys, flight controllers and so on. Expecially, it apply to various electronic products that can not be satisfied by 8bits or 16bits MCU.


•  32bits RISC MCU and 16-bits fixed-length Instructions.
•  32bits×32bits single-period Hardware Integer Multiplier
•  Built-in 32bit 3~13 Periodic Hardware Divider
•  Built-in 32KByte embedded FLASH (EFLASH) and 4K Byte SRAM
•  Five built-in 16-bit Periodic Interval Timer (PIT)
•  Support SPI(Serial Peripheral Interface)
•  Support 2 channels SCI (Serial Communication Interface)
•  Support 2 sets of 8 channels PWM (Pulse Width Modulator)
•  Eight built-in external Analog inputs and 12-bit ADC Convertor
•  Support I2C SCI (Serial Communication Interface)
•  Support 3 channels DMA Controller
•  Support SWD (Serial Wire Debug)
•  Built-in Watch-Dog Timer
•  Built-in PMU (Power Management Unit)
•  Built-in Programmable Voltage Detector
•  Built-in 48MHz PLL Internal Oscillator
•  Working Voltage: 2.8V~5.5V
Block Diagram: Model:

Product Information Archive:

•  LT32A01_DM     

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