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General Description:

LT5926 Bluetooth Controller integrated by 32-bits MCU and 2.4GHz bluetooth wireless transceiver that with low cost and low power consumption. The bluetooth was integrated with transmitter, receiver, frequency synthesizer and GFSK modem. The power of transmitter is adjustable. Under complex environment and strong clutter, the receiver can adopt digital expanded communication mechanism to achieve admirable transceiver performance. The peripheral circuit is simple and only a few passive devices are needed. The maximum transmission power is up to -28 ~ +4dBm, when transmitting GFSK signal, and the receiving sensitivity is up to -85dBm.

The internal MCU core of LT5926 can work on a 48MHz maximum frequency. The chip has 32KB programmable Flash, 4K SRAM, and we provides integrated emulator and Programmer to satisfy the needs of customers. In order to improve battery life, the chip can reduce the power consumption at each part, and the minimum working voltage can be 2.2V, which can greatly simplify the system design and optimize the performance. This chip can be used in various electronic products that require 2.4G bluetooth transmission, such as anti-lost alarm, remote control,selfie stick, AR gun(toys), Tire pressure detection, intelligent lamps, blood pressure meter, body fat meter, glucose meter, intelligent mask and so on.


•  Integrated 32-bits MCU and 2.4G Low Power Bluetooth, 4.0 Transceiver and Protocol Stack
•  Built-in 32K Flash ROM, 4K Bytes SRAM
•  Support Transmitter Power Adjustment; the Maximum Transmission Power can reach 4dBm; the Receiving Sensitivity can reach -85dbm
•  Support Bluetooth Data Passthrough and HID Services
•  Support Signal Energy Detection, data Transmission Rate can Reach 1Mbps
•  Support 33mm Wire Antenna
•  Provide 8 PWM Outputs, 8 ADC Inputs, 23 Universal GIPO
   Provide 2 Serial Communication interfaces
•  Operation Voltage: 2.2~3.6V, Lower Power Design
Block Diagram: Application Diagram:

Product Information Archive:

•  LT5926_DM     
•  LT5926_APNote     

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