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  TFT LCD Controller
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  Serial/Uart Port TFT Controller
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  Low Power Capacitive Touch Key Controller
  ● LT6101
  Capacitive Touch Screen Controller (60ch)
  ● LT2305

General Description:

LT6101 is a self capacitive touch key control chip with extremely low consumption. It adopts LeveTop Semiconductor 's patented capacitive touch key information detection technology, which can achieve very low dynamic power consumption and high precision of touch signal detection. Meanwhile, it can be used to replace mechanical keys, reduce contact loss, and optimize the appearance and texture of the product.

LT6101 can not only work as a slave of external controller, but also as a independent mainframe. When running as a mainframe, it peer-to-peer works with clock signal generated by internal oscillator, inquiring condition of each touch button and using the interrupt method to activate the external controller after the specified touch event is found. The inquiries of touch key require no intervention from an external controller and recognition of specific touch events is done automatically within the chip. When there is no touch event, the external controller can go into deep sleep, which can greatly save the power consumption of the whole system.

This chip has built-in successive approximation capacitor quantizer, which can detect the minimum 9fF touch key capacitance variation and directly output the results of digital capacitance quantization and judgment of whether touch or not. In the mainframe mode, the internal key signal can be measured and filtered for many times, and the time span of key trigger can be adjusted flexibly. In addition, the mainframe mode supports up to 4 key binary password graphic interrupt trigger, which can greatly reduce the probability of system error trigger. It is suitable for a variety of electronic products that require low power consumption touch button function or the products that want to get rid of mechanical keys.


•  Support Both Master and Slave Modes
•  Built-in 11-bits Successive Approximation Capacitor Quantizer
•  Support 4 keys Binary Password Interrupt Triggered
•  Host Touch Events Auto Cycle Query
•  Extremely High Signal Detection Accuracy;
•  Multifarious Touch Events Automatic Identification and Interrupt Triggering
•  Configurable Measurement Range and Adjustable Measurement Accuracy
•  Terrific Noise Suppression Capability and Measurement Stability
•  Operation Voltage: 2.8~5.5V, Low-Power Design
Internal Block Diagram: Applicatio:

Product Information Archive:

•  LT6101_DM     

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