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  TFT LCD Controller
  ● LT7680
  ● LT7681/3/6
  ● LT7381
  Serial/Uart Port TFT Controller
  ● LT268x
  ● LT7688
  ● LT7689
  ● Serial TFT Panel Solution
  32Bit MCU
  ● LT32A01
  ● LT32U02/32A02
  BLE 4.0 + 32Bit MCU
  ● LT5926
  ● LT5928
  Low Power Capacitive Touch Key Controller
  ● LT6101
  Capacitive Touch Screen Controller (60ch)
  ● LT2305

General Description:

LT7680 is a high-efficient graphic acceleration display chip launched by LeveTop Semiconductor following the TFT graphic display chip LT7681、LT7683 and LT7686. The display resolution it supports can be from 320*240 (QVGA)to 1280*1024(SXGA) while the display screen can support 16/18-bits RGB interface.

LT7680 supports SPI、I2C serial port interface. In order to achieve multi-layer, high resolution display effect,LT7680 has 128Mb built-in display memory to support 1bit/pixel to 18bit/pixel color display. It also owns built-in geometric drawing engine to provide functions like point drawing, line drawing, curve drawing, ellipse, triangle, rectangle, rounded rectangle drawing and so on. In addition, the chip has embedded hardware graphics processing unit to provide mandatory graphical operations like magic rotation, flip, reflect, PIP(picture in picture) , hybrid graphics and transparent display, which greatly improve the display efficiency of the products and therefore extensively reduce the running burden of MCU softwares. If using high-speed SPI interface can reduce the need for MCU I/O port, and then there is no need to upgrade MCU for TFT screen. The powerful performance of LT7680 is suitable for embedded systems with TFT-LCD display, such as home appliances, industrial control, electronic instruments, medical equipment, man-machine interface, industrial equipment, testing equipment, charging pile, multi-functional transaction machine, elevator instruction and check-in gate instruction.


•  Support SPI, I2C Serial Interfaces
•  Built-in Ggeometric Drawing Engine: provide Point Drawing, Line Drawing, Curve Drawing, Ellipse, Triangle, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle Drawing
•  Built-in 2D Graphics Processing Unit: provide Magic Rotation, Reflect, PIP (Picture in Picture), Hybrid Graphics and Transparent Display
•  Built-in 128Mbit Display Memory
•  Support 16/18bits RGB type TFT Panel from 320*240 to 1280*1024

•  Built-in Standard ISO/IEC 8859 Fonts
•  Built-in Two 16-bits PWM Timer
•  Support SPI Master Interface
•  Three Power Saving Modes: Standby, Suspend and Sleep mode
•  Built-in programmable PLL; provide LCD Scan, Display Memory and Internal System Clock
•  Working Voltage: 3.0V~3.6V
•  Package: 68pin QFN
Block Diagram: Application:

Product Information Archive:

•  LT768x_DM     
•  TFT Module_AP1      •  TFT Module_AP2
•  System_AP1                •  System_AP2(ppt)
•  Mono STN_to_TFT    •  LT768x _Parts

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